Sunday, June 17, 2012

Highways 114 and 287


  1. Wow!
    The last photo is haunting, almost unnerving. These are wonderful. I've not seen any other Texas imagery as compelling as your photos, Karen. Great work here.

    To answer your question on my blog:
    I am really enjoying teaching my pastel workshop. Yesterday we did abstract drawings/paintings. With pastel, you can draw AND paint. A wonderfully versatile medium!

    I have always loved soft pastel. From the first time I used it in college, I was in awe.. Took me years to figure out how to re-introduce it into my practice.

    There are things I love about each medium I use. My current favorite is still encaustic. But I shall always feel attached to oil. There's just something about it.. I'm sure it will call me back eventually. Oil, encaustic, watercolor, pastel...I will need a bigger studio at some point!

  2. Stephanie, I moved to Texas in 1980 and I hated it. It was so hot and so ugly and every summer I would have dreams about being back in Alaska. I spent 25 years loathing the place I lived, but some strange alchemy was happening, maybe it's the Stockholm Syndrome, but the lonely stark landscapes that I hated so much worked a weird magic on me. The closest I can come to explaining it is that feeling you have after you've lived through some harrowing experience and you look around you and the mundane and ordinary take on a new beauty because you have survived. I now find the lonely pastures and empty highways beautiful.